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17 июл. 2013 г.

A glimpse at the airport destinations, airport tours & sights or how to learn English and Russian via Skype for convenient travelling

If you travel not so far from Ukraine, just around Europe, we’d like to focus on two airports giving possibilities to arrange a tour for aviation fans: Václav Havel Airport Prague and Tempelhof Airport (what is interesting about it is the fact it closed its operations on October, 30, 2008 and now it is like a museum area where sightseeing, biking tours and tours around park area are available).
If your destination is in Prague Airport (may be you have flights connection and need to spend some spare time in the airport) you could enjoy either airport observation tour or visit cinema (a unique cultural project has come into being at  Václav Havel Airport Prague – Cinema Time, a permanent cinema facility at the airport. It offers a new way to spend free time both for the thousands of passengers who may spend several hours at the airport as well as for other visitors to the airport. Films from around the globe are screened daily from 10 AM based on a daily program schedule, as part of both thematic series and mixed film presentations). Moreover, if you are keen on taking photos you could visit a number of facilities for photography fans such as:
·        Viewing Decks/Podiums. Aviation fans can use 2 mobile podiums to watch and take photos of the airport operation buzz from above the airport fencing line. The decks have been placed at the two most frequented places by spotters – by the Kněževes village and upon the crossing of runways 13/31 and 06/24.
·        Holes in the Fencing. Several holes had been made in the airport fencing surrounding its restricted area to allow clear view for the aviation fans camera objectives and assuring that it will now be easier to take the best shots. Location of these holes and their shape were discussed with the spotters and reflect their preference in terms of favourite spots to take photos of aircraft.
·        Viewing Terraces. The general public may also keep using the viewing terraces in Terminals 1 & 2.
Tempelhofer Freiheit, which is home to the main building of the former Tempelhof Airport, is one of the most spectacular and historically significant event locations in Europe.

The fourth-largest connected building in the world offers a unique ambiance and unimaginable open spaces for events of all kinds: everything from trade fairs and product presentations to music and sporting events, gala dinners, awards ceremonies and film and photo shoots.
So, we could state that if you learn English, travel comfortably and from time to time look around the airports of the world it’s quite a time spending to have sightseeing tour around. Not all airport tours are available in Russian, so if you still speak English not so well, you are welcome to learn English via Skype (английский по Skype) with us. Learn more details here.

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