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24 июн. 2012 г.

Story of one day spontaneous walk along the street in Kyiv.

It was spontaneous walk along one of Kyiv streets. It’s boiling hot and seemed to be no place to hide in shadow, but further you’ll be able to read that such kind of place does really exist on Shovkovychna Street for sure.

We were heading upstairs leaving behind Oktyabrska hospital (it was noticed about renaming – now it’s Oleksandrivska), passed hotel of Ukrainian Ministry of Domestic Affairs, up to not so spacious but cosy park to the left of us.  Row of benches and trees are followed by the monument devoted to Ivan Kozlovskyi, Soviet opera singer and film director.
Not to go ahead along quite a noisy street we turned into the yard. Must be admitted Shovkovychna Str. name is approved by some mulberry trees (shovkovitsya – ukr.). So we tasted sweet berries. If one comes back closer to the road Kyiv Museum of Russian Art is right across it (brown ancient building with embossing and a strange cone sculpture in front of its entrance).
‘We have no time to gaze and stare’ in our busy life… no, it’s not true! We did have a lot of time to relax and enjoy creative cosiness, incredible beauty and tiny charming voices of this mysterious Kyiv Street. And it’s twice as pleasant to relax being at such kind of place. Romantic and it’s worth sitting and even writing something…
Going farther we passed several cafes to eat out and outstanding buildings: Bistro, point of take-away French bakery, Staryi Royal (Old piano) café, ancient buildings where famous Ukrainian film director Dovzhenko lived and writer Vanda Vasylevska worked, reception president room, prestigious Klovskii lyceum 77 and simply rather beautifully designed windows decorated with flowers by local inhabitants. It created enormous atmosphere of holiday in everyday life.
Rounded Mon Ami restaurant territory we turned inside the yard but it wasn’t one – it appeared to be pleasant park, where it was fountain and smell of lime tree caught up your attention.
Everybody who spends an hour or so to rest there could go out and have a cup of coffee on the corner to be reinforced for a journey back.
The crossroads with Institutska Street is marked with modern art objects presence. Nearby Privat Bank two cows are eating grass, the back of one of them is covered with interest rate signs (%) – made me smiling. Art occupied this street, we’ve made several steps and artificial swans and cranes made of old tires and iron pieces were presented in front of KAIROS art hall, there were flying bees made of plastic bottles as well. I heard stuff of such a kind is called trash art – anything made of old out of use things.

So, after this walk I could say Shovkovychna is a street of art galleries (3 of them there), pretty yards and mysterious tiny things which make your heart beating merrily ;-).

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