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12 июн. 2012 г.

"How can I get to the stadium" или могут же, когда хотят!

How could I help you?

Приятное впечатление осталось от первых дней приема гостей ЕВРО 2012 в Киеве: все люди стали более вежливыми, а представители ДПС и того круче: прям светятся добротой, отзывчивостью и, вправду сказать, приобрели такой празднично подтянутый вид, что просто ахнуть! Данное фото натолкнуло на составление уместного списочка фраз на тему "Как мне пройти..?" Обновим знания и вперед - ждать пятничной игры. Напомните , с кем играет Украина?
Asking for directions
"How do I get to your office?"
"Can you tell me the best way of getting to your office?"
"What's the quickest way of getting to your office?"
"Where are you exactly?"
Getting information
"Will you be coming by car or by train?"
"It's much easier if you take the train."
"Which hotel are you staying at?"
General information in English
"We're not far from…" or "We're quite close to…"
"It's about a mile / kilometre / two blocks from…"
"We're opposite / next to / in front of / across the road from / round the corner from the supermarket."
Giving directions in English
"Come off the motorway / highway at Junction / Exit 12."
"It's signposted 'Manchester'."
"Follow the signs to …"
"There's a one-way system in the centre of town."
"Take the 'A12' to 'Chelmsford'."
"Go straight on / left / right at the lights / at the roundabout /at the junction of … and …"
"Go past the supermarket."
"You'll come to / see …"
"It's the first turning on the right after the bank."
Use landmarks to help
"You'll see a large sign / roundabout."
"On your left you'll see an industrial centre / a hospital / the police station."
"Just after the level crossing / shopping centre (or mall)."
"Go past the petrol station / the garage."
Final tips
If you're giving directions over the phone, remember to speak slowly to allow the other person to write things down.
Check that the other person has understood.
If you're speaking face-to-face with someone, use your hands to show left, right, or straight on.
Use "please" when you ask someone to give you directions. It's polite, and will normally get you what you want!
Улыбайтесь гостям, дарите улыбки друг другу, излучайте жизненную энергию и... вперед к новым победам.

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